Yuhui LiSoftware Developer

Yuhui Li

Winner of Apple Canada & BCSSA Learning Technology Scholarship!

A calendar and timetable app designed by Yuhui Li exclusively for schools with linear day 1 day 2 schedule. It allows user to set up the calendar with day 1's and day 2's (as well as special days), and then set up unique schedule for each type of days.

Besides special days feature, which allows user to add days such as Collaboration Days, iChronotable has built-in special courses feature. Whether it is a once a week course, or just one time class, you could write in the data and the app would present your schedule to you with the special course included.

Further, iChronotable has homework recording feature. The integrated courses lists created for each day allows fast input of homework. The flexible notification system allows the user to choose when he or she wants to be notified about the due date.